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Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’s


Research Committee  



We, the faculty and research staff of the DGCC, hold that our profession as scholars entails an unqualified commitment to the pursuit of truth, an abiding dedication to the promotion of quality research. Beside our efforts to maintain the ideals of scholarly integrity and academic freedom, we accept our duty to uphold the vision-mission of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara, and to promote the interests of the greater society which this college seeks to serve and develop. Cognizant of our responsibility to our public, we hereby bind ourselves to the strictest measure of integrity and the highest ethical standards to be worthy of the public's trust. 

Code and Professional Ethics

We all faculty members and research students shall abide by and conform to the following ethical standards:

We shall respect and safeguard the welfare and rights of all individuals with whom they interact professionally, including but not limited to research participants.

We will try to design and conduct research studies with scientific value. And Conduct all research activities in accordance with the accepted standards of our discipline. Refrain from accepting or undertaking research assignments requiring competencies that we do not have, unless collaborating with or being supervised by a more knowledgeable scholar. Avoid claiming or implying a degree of research competency that we do not possess in proposals, job applications, resumes, or in the ordinary conduct of affairs

We ensure empirical research is conducted in accordance with currently accepted ethical guidelines and standards.

We will perform only those duties for which one is appropriately qualified in particular research area and trained to perform.

We never force, or attempt to pressurize or induce individuals, such as staff members, students, investigators, or regulators, to act in an unethical manner in any research and consultancy services.

We assure that we will maintain privacy, legal rights of individuals and to limit access to their private acts and their personal information collected during research or survey;

We also assure that we will maintain confidentiality refers to the obligation to protect private information about an individual or organization from unauthorized disclosure.

We Ensure the accuracy of all data that we and our collaborators have gathered and/or used in our  research; Ensure that only the correct data, information, and research results shall be reported in journals, conferences, and reports to clients in case of commissioned research

We will take reasonable steps to rectify significant errors that we or others have found in our published data, via the issuance of erratum, retraction, or correction of the data; we avoid misleading statements or declarations and vague assertions that could be subject to misinterpretation.  If such misinterpretation is brought to our attention, it is our obligation to immediately issue a clarification or rectification.

We will not to plagiarize; that is, to present portions of another’s report or data as our own, even if the other work or data source is cited occasionally. we cite clearly all sources of information and data that we use which are not the results of our own research. We also give proper acknowledgment and credit to resource/funding sources of our research

We also protect our participants’ right to privacy and confidentiality. We ensure that informed consent is obtained from all human participants of our experiments or studies. That is, participants are free to decide on their involvement only after we have provided them with information that is relevant to that decision. We maintain the autonomy of participants, especially students and subordinates, by refraining from offering inducements that may serve to coerce them into participating